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15 Ways to Craft Your Unique Business Name

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When you’re starting a business, your name isn’t just a word; it’s your identity. It’s the first thing people will know your business for. So, coming up with a catchy business name is super important. To help you with this creative task, we’ve put together 15 fun ways to brainstorm and make a business name that’s not only unique but also leaves a strong impression.

 1. Mix Words: Blend Meanings Together

A neat trick to make a unique business name is to put two or more words together that relate to your business. Think about “Netflix.” It mixes “internet” and “flicks” to show it’s an online streaming service. This makes the name interesting and tells people what it’s about.

 2. Use Other Languages: Sounds Fancy

Try looking at words in other languages. They might have words that describe your business perfectly. Make sure they’re easy to say and have good meanings. This can make your brand seem special to more people.

 3. Shorten with Acronyms: Make It Simple

You might consider using keywords or phrases associated or that describe your business. Acronyms make your name easier to remember. An example of something like this is “NASA”. The Acronym stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

 4. Check a Thesaurus: Find Similar Words

A thesaurus can help you find words that mean the same as words related to your business. You might discover a word that fits perfectly and sounds cool. A well-picked word can make you stand out from others.

 5. Share a Story: Make It Personal

Every business has a story to tell on how they got started. So why not include the story in your name? Doing this just could possibly add a personal touch and make your brand feel more real to customers. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream did this by naming the company after the people who founded it.

 6. Combine Words: Mix It Up

Put parts of two words together to make one new name. Here are some examples of combining words to make a new word

  • Brunch: Brunch is basically is a mix of breakfast and lunch.
  • Smog: Smog is the combination of smoke and fog
  • Cosplay: Cosplay is the word combination of costume and roleplay

This can make a name that’s easy to remember and shows what your business is about.

 7. Make Up Words: Get Creative

Think about making up a totally new word that’s easy to say and sounds cool. Names like “Google” and “Kodak” were made up words and they’re famous now. Creating a new word can make your brand look fresh and smart.

 8. Use Myths and Stories: Get Inspired

Look at myths, stories, or famous people that fit your business. These names can have deep meanings and make your business special. It can give your brand a sense of history.

 9. Include Your Location: Local Charm

Another interesting name is using the where your business is located as part of your business name. It connects you to your community and helps you build a strong local fanbase.

Here are some famous examples of companies that locations as part of their name:

  • New York Bagels
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Canada Dry
  • American Airlines

 10. Make It Sound Fun: Rhymes and Repeats

Business names that rhyme or have the same starting sounds are fun and easy to remember for customers and make your brand playful and unforgettable. An example of this would be “Dunkin’ Donuts” which name initially was Open Kettle.

 11. Try Random Words: Surprise Yourself

Sometimes, mixing random words together can lead to a unique and interesting business name. Don’t be scared to try this out for inspiration.

 12. Ask for Help: Get New Ideas

Don’t be afraid to ask friends, family, or people on social media for ideas. They might have cool suggestions you haven’t thought of. Brainstorming with others can lead to awesome ideas.

 13. Think About Images: Visual Ideas

Think about shapes or pictures that match your business. Then, come up with words that go with those images to make a memorable name. This can leave a strong impression.

 14. Play with Words: Be Clever

Using wordplay, like puns, can make your business name funny and clever. It can make people smile and remember your brand.

 15. Look at History: Make It Meaningful

Find events, people, or symbols from history that connect to your business. This can add depth and meaning to your name, making it memorable to your audience.


In conclusion, making a cool business name is like a fun adventure. When you’re trying to come up with a name, take your time.

To find the perfect name that represents your business, you want an understanding of

  • what your business stands for
  • and leaves a strong impression on your customers.  
  • make sure your chosen name is available for a website and trademark.
  • And pick a name that’s easy to spell and say so everyone can remember it.

Check out our post about the Power of having an open mind if you need some more inspiration to brainstorm ideas. It might not be talking about business names, but it can open your mind to different ideas in general.

You can also play around with some free business generators that’s available online. Here is a Shopify one.  Your business name is the first thing people see, so make it count!

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