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Discover 5 Steps to Unlock Your Mental Genius, Think Outside the Box and Change Your Life!

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Have you ever felt trapped in a cycle of repetition, lacking the spark of creativity or uniqueness? Have you ever thought to yourself if your life has more to offer besides doing exactly what everyone else does and meeting others’ expectations? Have you ever thought if only you was as smart as other you could create a meaningful impact on the world around you?

If any of these thoughts are things you though about, rest assured that you’re not alone. Many individuals find themselves stuck within their mental boundaries, invisible limitations that block their imagination and block fresh ideas. These mental barriers are a combination of our learned mental patterns, biases, and presumptions derived from cultural influences, education, and personal experiences. They mold our perception of reality and steer our choices and actions.

Yet, these mental confines are not permanent. They can be surpassed with the right mindset and techniques. In fact, liberation from these mental constraints marks the initial stride toward unveiling your inner genius—the capacity to devise original, valuable solutions to the challenges that matter to you and society at large.

In this article, we will go through 5 steps to free yourself from your mental prison and unlock your mental genius. Additionally, we want to introduce you to a book that goes into this topic more in depth titled “Awaken Your Genius: Break Free from Conformity, Ignite Creativity, and Attain the Extraordinary,” written by Ozan Varol. This practical guide furnishes you with the tools to challenge traditional norms, explore your leadership potential, and grow your natural creativity.

 Step 1: Shedding Detrimental Constructs. The Things that’s Holding You Back from Your Mental Genius

The initial stride to freeing yourself from your mental imprisonment and unlocking your mental genius involves shedding harmful thoughts. This requires getting rid of beliefs, behaviors, and habits that hinder your journey toward realizing your full potential. A few examples are:

  • Fear of failure
  • Dread of criticism
  • Resistance to change
  • Procrastination
  • Pursuit of perfection
  • Self-doubt
  • Comparison
  • Contentment with the status quo

These negativities have the potential to paralyze and deter you from taking decisive actions. They may also lead you to settle for mediocrity rather than pursuing the excellence you deserve. Overcoming these barriers involves recognition, confrontation, and substitution with productive emotions and notions that empower and motivate you. Instances include:

  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Advancement
  • Initiative
  • Striving for excellence
  • Self-assuredness
  • Inspiration
  • Zeal

These affirmative emotions and beliefs bring life to your journey and propels you forward, encouraging you to aim higher than your present position.

 Step 2: Unveiling Fundamental Truths: Reach Your Mental Genius by Knowing Your Core

The second phase of freeing yourself from your mental prison and discovering your mental genius is discovering your foundational truths. These truths form the bedrock of your thinking and rational mind, combining both universal truths and personalized assumptions.

Instances of basic universal truths include:

  • Gravity as a force of attraction between objects with mass
  • The sun’s rising in the east and setting in the west
  • Humans requiring oxygen, water, and sustenance for survival
  • Arithmetic fact such as two plus two equals four

These beliefs help your understanding of the world and aid in problem-solving. However, not all principles are universally true—some are subjective and dependent on personal viewpoints and experiences.

Here are some examples of subjective truths:

  • Happiness as life’s ultimate goal
  • Success is gauged by wealth and fame
  • Beauty being subjective
  • Honesty as the best course of action

These personal ideas guide your choices and actions, though they may not be universally valid or beneficial in all scenarios. The path to discovery involves questioning, testing, and adapting these principles.

 Step 3: Freeing Your Intellectual Horizons. Find Your Mental Genius by Not Being Stuck in the Past

man stuck in the past blocking himself from mental genius and staying in mental prison
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The third stage of escaping your mental prison and unlocking your mental genius involves freeing your intellectual horizons. This has to do with overcoming mental patterns, assumptions, and biases that restrict your perspective, preventing you from seeing new opportunities. These mental constraints taint your perception and manipulate your decisions and behaviors.

Here are examples of being mentally stuck based on past assumptions and not being open to new thoughts:

– Confirmation bias: The tendency to seek or interpret information that already aligns with existing beliefs.

– Mental Shortcuts instead of Investigating: Estimating likelihood based on easily recalled examples.

– Anchoring effect: Over-relying on the first bit of information when forming judgments.

– Framing effect: Being influenced more from how something is presented than what the situation is. For example, focusing on the cup is half empty or the cup is half full…but the reality it’s just liquid in the cup

– Sunk cost delusion: Continuing with investments due to past profitability, despite losses.

These were examples of how you could think that blocks growth, blocks problem-solving, and deplete resources. Conquering them requires challenging deep-rooted beliefs, embracing doubt, and challenging traditional thought.

 Step 4: Pioneering the Unexplored. To Learn Something Different Do Something Different

The fourth step toward freeing yourself from your mental prison involves around going into uncharted territories. This involves seeking different sources of inspiration, knowledge, and insights that stray away from the usual way you do things.

Examples of how you can challenge yourself into seeing different perspectives are:

  • Varied points of view: Opinions from different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures.
  • Opposite points of view: Arguments that challenge your main views on an issue.
  • Unusual references: Lesser-known books, podcasts, videos, and other media.
  • Unlooked-for places: Unusual situations, locations, or being put in situations not usual for you to be in.

These road less traveled down creates potential for new insights often ignored by others. They serve as a source to inventive ideas, fresh solutions, and unparalleled value. Pursuing these avenues mandates a spirit of curiosity, open-mindedness, and daring exploration.

 Step 5: Pioneering Unique Creations. The Ultimate Level of Unlocking Your Mental Genius is Creation

The fifth and ultimate stride in escaping your mental prison and freeing your mental genius involves crafting unique creations. This implies making inventive, valuable solutions to the challenges that resonate with you and the world at large. Instances encompass:

  • Resourceful products: Creations improving user experiences, benefits, or function.
  • Expressive works: Artistic endeavors communicating original messages, emotions, or experiences.
  • Societal contributions: Efforts benefiting individuals, communities, or society.
  • Personal growth: Advancements improving skills, knowledge, abilities, and character.

Doing things like what was mentioned above increases your genius and kindle positive transformation. They assist personal growth, enable you to focus on a purpose, and leave a lasting legacy. Just to be able to bring unique creations to life demands persistence, courage, and a spirit of goodwill.

 In Conclusion

To conclude, freeing your mental genius by shattering mental barriers requires more than mere fortune or internal talent. It hinges on changing your mindset and calculated strategies. If you was to follow the five steps shown in this article, it will give you the ability to surpass the invisible mental prison that shackles your creativity and block your perception of possibilities. This journey unlocks your inventive potential and empowers you as a pioneering leader and creator.

For those desiring an even more extensive grasp of this process, we recommend delving into “Awaken Your Genius: Break Free from Conformity, Ignite Creativity, and Attain the Extraordinary” by Ozan Varol. This guide equips you with tools to challenge your ideas, unlock your leadership prowess, and cultivate your creative spark. With an abundance of real-world instances, anecdotes, and practical exercises, the book goes into diverse fields including philosophy, psychology, rocket science, history, and art. This book explains how being a genius isn’t just for a few people, it goes into how anyone can tap into this mindset and the steps into getting there.

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