Unlocking Success Secrets: The Power of an Open Mind

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Hey all! Today, we’re going to explore the pursuit of how keeping an open mind can make you super successful. We will show how rethinking our beliefs, embracing curiosity, and constantly nurturing a culture of learning can take you to another level beyond what you originally had plans for. We’ll also peek into a fantastic book by Adam Grant called “Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know.” So, let’s jump right in and make this all easy to understand!

Why Having an Open Mind Matters

Think about instances when you’re working on a complicated problem. It can be anything you could think of.  Let’s say at first, you try one way to figure the problem out, but it’s not working for you. You then try doing the same thing again because maybe you missed something.  Doing all that you’re starting to notice your initial strategy is going nowhere.

Now What? Do you totally give up? If you’re someone that’s resourceful you might just try a whole different approach, and revise your strategy, right? This is the reason why having an open mind is so important in life in general; because It keeps you on your toes and aware of new possibilities!

 Business, Changing and Reinventing Ideas

Apple and Netflix example: You’re familiar with Apple and Netflix, right? These industry giants companies didn’t stick with one plan forever. They kept changing and trying new things. If you look at Apple, they went from making computers to iPhones and now all types of tech products. Now look at Netflix. In the beginning Netflix went from sending DVDs through the mail (which took out the local video stores) to streaming awesome shows and movies online. Changing and reinventing their ideas helped them become big shots in their industries!

Ways to Practice Keeping an Open Mind

– 1. Be a Detective: Never just look at things at face value. When you’re tackling situations act as though you’re on an investigation always digging for clues. When you hit a brick wall in progress, dig deep to find different pieces of information that might help you solve it. Sometimes, a tiny clue can change everything!

– 2. Ask the question “What If?: Imagine “what if” scenarios. What if you tried things in a different order or used different materials? It’s like a science experiment for your ideas. Just like how scientists test things to learn more, you can test your ideas to find even better solutions.

– 3. Team Up: Think of brainstorming as a treasure hunt with friends or team. When you work together and share ideas, you uncover more possibilities. Your friends might see things you missed, and together, you can create something amazing!

– 4. Learn from Mistakes: Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are like stepping stones to success. Making mistakes help you gain wisdom on what doesn’t work, which is just as important as understanding the things that do work. Most successful people had many failures before they achieved their ground breaking discovery.

– 5. Admitting Ignorance: One of the critical aspects of being able to think outside the box is admitting when you don’t know something. This humble acknowledgment serves as the gateway to acquiring new knowledge and insights.

Your Role as a Leader Nurturing a Culture of Learning and Curiosity

As a leader, you want to:

  • create an environment of learning and innovation.
  • Encourage your team to question, challenge, and engage in constructive debates.

Remember, innovation often emerges from the collision of opposing ideas.

Real Life Example of Businesses thinking Outside the Box

– 1. James Dyson’s Journey: Consider the journey of James Dyson, the inventor of the bagless vacuum cleaner. Dyson didn’t achieve success overnight. He painstakingly created over 5,000 prototypes before achieving the breakthrough design. His willingness to admit his lack of knowledge and consistently reevaluate and revise his designs ultimately led to a groundbreaking product that changed vacuum cleaners forever.

– 2. LEGO’s Evolution: LEGO didn’t always make those colorful bricks. In the beginning, they made wooden toys. But they decided to try something different. They started making plastic bricks, and now, millions of kids (and adults!) love building with LEGO.

– 3. Post-it Notes Innovation: You know those sticky notes you use in school? They were invented by someone trying to make super strong glue. But the glue turned out to be not-so-strong, and voila, Post-it Notes were born!

– 4. Instagram’s Progression: Instagram started as a check-in app named Burbn where people could share their locations. The creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger noticed the app was failing and was running out of cash. They noticed that people loved sharing photos. So, they changed the app to focus on pictures, and now, it’s a photo-sharing goliath!

 Why Keeping an Open Mind is a Tool

You ability to be open to new ideas is like having a secret weapon for success. You put yourself into a box when you’re being stubborn and only sticking to old ideas. When you’re being open, curious, and willing to try new things, you become more intelligent due to learning and experimenting. That’s how you find amazing solutions to problems and even create the next big thing!

In Conclusion

If you want to learn more about this concept and more, check out “Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know” by Adam Grant. The author not only dives deeper into the importance of rethinking our beliefs but also give practical advice how to break from our mental biases.  Think Again also has various interviews from a wide array of modern-day influential leaders.  If you you’re interested in more info, this book is available in the various formats below.





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In a nutshell, rethinking out beliefs, being curious, and trying new things is the key to success. It helps drive innovation and gives you the competitive edge. So, embrace your inner mind-changer, and who knows, you might just change the world someday!

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